Furniture Store Kiosk Solutions

Whether you would like a large 48″ touch-screen floor-standing furniture kiosk, or a cluster of iPads or other tablets, our kiosk solutions have you covered throughout your sales floor. We offer several sizes to fit your floor plan and budget.  We also offer a stand alone kiosk server (no touch-screen) for tablet-only use at a truly affordable price point.  With over 50 brand catalogs to choose from, Furnisys truly is the best furniture kiosk available today.

Our kiosk server stores and serves all your products at lightning speed, even if the Internet is down.  The kiosk server updates itself each night so it always has the same products and pricing as your Furnisys website.  Our kiosks are easy to install and maintain and technical support is only a phone call or email away.  Search by brand or by category and browse thousands of products from over 50 brands with ease.

Tablets make fantastic kiosks and may be portable or mounted in kiosk pedestals or counter top units for security and protection. Many tablets have “retina displays” and offer even higher resolution than most large commercial touch screens and sales representatives enjoy not having to wait in line for the main kiosk.

Any tablet with at least 1920 x 1080 (HD) will work fine, however for best results, we recommend Apple iPad Pro with retina display.  Tablets may be used for other applications, or locked down for kiosk-only operation.