Competitor Price Comparison Reporting & Tracking

Monitoring your competition just got a lot easier

Furnisys offers an add-on service that allows you to automatically track and compare each of your website item prices to your competitor’s.  Simply paste the URL of your competitor’s item into the edit screen of your item and hit “Save”.  That’s all there is to it.  From that point on, that item will be added to your daily Price Comparison report.

Your price comparison report may be viewed at anytime by logging into your account, or you may receive it each day via email, or both.  Each line of the report shows the item, your price, your competitors price, and the percent difference for easy viewing of how your prices compare to your competitors.  You may track as many items as you wish.

In addition to just viewing the price difference, you also have the ability to automatically reset your price to X dollars higher or lower than your competitor’s price.  For example, if you wish to be exactly $10 lower than your competitor on a particular item, Furnisys will automatically set your item price each day to be $10 less than your competitor’s price.  If your competitor goes up, your price goes up accordingly.  If your competitor goes down, your price drops accordingly.  You will always be $10 cheaper than your competitor for that particular item.  We provide a “price floor” as a safely feature so in the unlikely case that your competitor keeps going down below a certain price point, then we stop lowering the price of that item and keep it at the “price floor”.


How does it work?

You provide us with any number of competitor websites to report on.  We then create a custom script for each competitor that runs daily and retrieves your competitor’s prices for the items you have tagged to be tracked.  Simply tag the items you want to be tracked by pasting in your competitor item web address (URL) just once, and will automatically track that item every day indefinitely until you remove the tag.


What is the Cost?

There is a one-time $250 fee for the development of each competitor script.  Monthly  service cost is $20 per month per competitor for support and maintenance for active Furnisys website customers.


What does the Price Comparison Report look like?

Here is a generic sample report:

Price Comparison Report