Product Automation

Furniture Website AutomationMaintaining a large online catalog can be a huge task for many furniture retailers. But not with Furnisys. As your manufacturers add or discontinue products, your website is automatically updated to reflect those changes. This significantly reducing the chance of selling an item that may no longer be available. Even if your manufacturer limits what you sell regionally, we will maintain your particular web feed for you, so you always have the right products on your website.

Our pricing tool makes it easy for you to price items accurately and quickly. It includes options for rounding down a penny or a dollar, or both. With the pricing tool, you can re-price items individually or in bulk at over 2,000 items per hour. Maintaining a website with thousands of items has never been easier.

If you want to feature an item or items on your homepage, no problem, just click the star next to the item and it appears. Sale items are also randomly displayed in the “On Sale” section of the homepage. Furnisys supports a Lay-a-way plan option that reminds customers of pending payments.

Click here for a full list of brands that we currently support.